RC-600 (Rogowski Coil) Output Lead Length

Elkor's RC-600 Rogowski Coils are precision devices with special attention paid to performance and accuracy.  All Rogowski Coils are subject to external influences, but the RC-600 is specially designed to highly minimize these effects.  This includes special magnetic and EMI shielding which maintains signal integrity.

Because of the small voltage signal output nature of (any) Rogowski Coil, it is highly discouraged to alter the output lead length.  Leads may be shortened, however exposed ends should be kept to a minimum length, and the cable shield should not be exposed any more than absolutely necessary.  Use the original exposed leads as a guideline.

It should be avoided to lengthen the leads.  If absolutely necessary to do so, it is important to keep the cable shield in tact along the splice, which is not trivial.  It is required to use a shielded two conductor (plus ground) AWG 22 wire.  The conductors themselves may be spliced using solder and heat shrink.  A foil shield should be used to bridge the new and existing cable shields with heat shrink over top to keep everything in place.  The maximum lead extension must be no more than 5m (for a total length of 8m).

It is possible to order RC-600 coils with factory leads up to 15m in length for an added cost.

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