Restoring Locked HMI

The HMI optionally included in the W2KIT and WattsOn-MCM features an "HMI Settings" menu.  This menu has options including the initial start screen.  If the HMI is not configured correctly, it is possible to "lock" the HMI in a non-standard screen, which will prevent the regular displays from showing.

eg: HMI locked on keyboard screen due to improper setting in HMI Settings menu.


To resolve this, follow these steps:

  1. Touch and HOLD the LOWER LEFT corner of the screen while power cycling the unit
  2. You will see a menu come up in Chinese, select “English” from the top
  3. Select “System Setting”
  4. Allow the HMI to boot into the settings menu, Select “English”
  5. Select the “Initial Window”
  6. Set "Initial Window to "0”>/li>
  7. Press “Restart” and allow the HMI to boot normally.


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