WattsOn-Mark II Advanced Configuration

NOTE: Elkor does NOT recommend using these configuration registers as they are a "crutch" which mitigate the symptom, but do not actually correct the underlying problem.  In case the meter is ever serviced or swapped out, the software configuration will be lost and it can cause additional confusion and support issues in the future.  Use of these settings should be accompanied with proper documentation for the meter calling out that the settings are applied.

As a result, Elkor cannot provide direct support for these registers and configuration options. 

The WattsOn-Mark II features a number of advanced configuration registers which may be used to change the metering methodology.  Namely, through software settings, the meter configuration may be changed to:

  • "Reverse" the CTs, to change the sign of the power/power factor readings
  • "Re-order" the CT inputs to voltage channels
  • Treat power as absolute (thereby energy is accumulated only in the "import" direction)
  • Treat power factor as absolute
  • Change the calibration set (for -RC and -LR meters ONLY)
  • Filter energy accumulation on low power factor readings.

The advanced configuration is meant for OEMs and system operators that need to remotely fix installation issues.

The document below may be referenced regarding the settings and their implications.


A special version of Modbus Commander, with the Advanced Configuration as a GUI interface is available for download here: